Which motherboard to use for rebuild


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Hi all
I'm in the process of doing a new Linux build and would like to ask which motherboard brand/s are best for Linux.
In the past I've used various brands with various results.

I suppose the question really is, are there any brands to stay away from. I know some aren't particularly Linux friendly.

Thanks for replies


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just adding another question to this thread thats relevant to this. In the U.K there used to be a computer magazine that at the back advertised when and where "computer fairs" used to be .One main one being east London. At these fairs you could pick up old RAM and new parts. That magazine went under.

I did used to get good "clearance" parts from Maplin; that went under. There was a U.K supplier with budget towers, they disappeared.

So another question might be "where are the best online outlets" to get reliable motherboards, CPU, PSU etc at a good price, say U.K and the places where users on this forum live.

Is it worth starting a list?


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I've built IDE and SATA towers; the first thing is i would say these days make sure the CPU/motherboard is 64 bit since thats the trend

The other thing is you need obviously the CPU to be compatible with the motherboard. I did fiddle with cpu paste etc in the paste but ended up preferring a "cpu/motherboard bundle" that way you won't be in the position of having a board and can't get compatible CPU. Also i think the current trend is that there is more support for linux from AMD; should be interesting to see if other agree. Therefore go for a 64 bit AMD cpu/motherboard
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I have a Gigabyte in my desktop unit: UEFI, Secure boot disabled, SATA set for AHCI - none of that fake hardware RAID junk. Works like a champ.


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I suppose the question really is, are there any brands to stay away from
G'day Louiss97 and welcome.
I personally use an ASRock motherboard FM2A88X Pro3+ with a AMD socket into which is plugged a AMD Athlon CPU which I selected originally for use with Win7 but converted to Linux Mint 19.2.
I have had no problems with the motherboard, video card or sound card just problems which are not due to the computer but outside vendors and non-freeware software.

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