Which Operating system should be best for lenovo laptops

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I have lenovo idea-pad 330 with AMD ryzen 5 2nd gen and Vega 8 graphics.
I have heard more that lenovo does not support Linux systems but is have Ubuntu running on it.
I have dual booted Linux mint at first time but it crashed so i installed Ubuntu is does not run very smoothly.
I need to learn more about Linux systems so which Linux system should be best for lenovo laptops.


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I would suggest that you try Linux Mint again (MATE or Cinnamon Edition) as it is very good for beginners and it should work well on your laptop. And Ubuntu is also a good choice, but I would recommend version 18.04.3 because it is a "Long Term Support" (LTS) version and will get updates until April 2023. The Ubuntu you are using now (19.10) will stop getting updates in July of 2020.

Both Linux Mint and Ubuntu should work with your laptop UEFI settings (BIOS) and Secure Boot enabled. A few other distros should be able to do this too. But sometimes, even with these distros, you may have to go into the BIOS setup and make some changes. This is another reason I suggest that you try Mint and Ubuntu with a fresh install to see if they work for you without having to make BIOS changes. Another distro that I think will work well is Fedora.

The standard download of Ubuntu and Fedora use a Desktop Environment called GNOME, or GNOME 3. This is a rather modern interface and very different from Windows, but you may be very happy with this. If you prefer a more traditional Windows-like desktop, I would recommend the MATE or Cinnamon Desktops. Both Ubuntu and Fedora have an optional version that uses MATE instead. In Fedora they call it a spin (sometimes called "respin") and in Ubuntu MATE is one of many different flavours. Ubuntu does not yet have a Cinnamon Edition, but I think they do have one in development. There are even more Desktops that you can try out too, and you may like one of them even better.

Your laptop should have plenty of power to run any Linux distro, so it is mostly a matter for you to try some out and see what you like the best, and which one seems to work the best with your Lenovo. Take your time and enjoy the process of discovery and learning. If you have trouble with UEFI settings, folks here should be able to help talk you through any difficulties.

Good luck!


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Just in case you decide to go with Ubuntu 18.04 or 19.04....

How to Install Cinnamon Desktop 4.2 in Ubuntu 18.04, 19.04



I've had no troubles installing Ubuntu, Elementary, or Zorin on several ThinkPads. Running Zoris OS 15 on a ThinkPad P51 and it runs absolutely wonderful. Same for Ubuntu 19.10 on a T480s. The only problem that I've found with the P51 is that my original docking station (model 40A5) wouldnt pick up external monitors, either a single monitor or dual monitor. I picked up a ThinkPad Thunderbolt 3 dock from Amazon, and now at least one monitor works through it. I've got my 2nd monitor plugged in directly to the laptop.
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