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Apr 2, 2019
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I see a white flash across my screen when I exit Firefox or some other program. I don't know if this has something to do with the graphics driver.

When I installed the OS, the graphics card was out of order with a broken fan.

It's not a great problem, just a little annoying.

There is also no option to install proprietary graphics drivers from AMD under the "additional drivers tab" in Software and updates window.

When I look at details in Firefox I can see it's using Mesa 18.2.8. I presume that's the open source driver?

Always good to mention the Distro and version you are using in the Thread and in the Title, mate :)

It can affect the syntax of commands we ask you to provide output for.


I presume that's the open source driver?

Yes. Mesa release notes are here - https://www.mesa3d.org/

It would be wise to take a Timeshift snapshot before monkeying with graphics drivers, it is ever so important to safeguard your X environment (even if a little wonky) rather than face the alternative.
Thanks for the feedback and pardon for not mentioning my set up. It's Lubuntu 18.04 with the Mesa 18.2.8 from December last year.

The z like white flash only happens for a split second anyway and I don't know how to install the Mesa driver alone. What's important is that everything works.

I did discover some command to use in the terminal to see my graphics card and it did identify it correctly. That's all that matters. (Already forgot the command.)

It's all a bit complicated for me. In the olden days people just used to stare into the bush telly for amusement. Nice simple times!
My goodness ... are you an Aussie .... why didn't you say ? :)

For The Viewers, a bush telly (television) is when you are staring into a campfire. Unless on rare occasions it means a lady who has enough clothes lint in her belly button to look as though she is growing a tree there.

My goodness ... are you an Aussie .... why didn't you say ? :)

I am not a Australian, I just bought the book "No Blunder Down Under" while visiting my cane toad brother.

I hope I didn't sound too much like a jumbuck, saying that.

No worries, MATE! (Oz and Linux slang put together?)

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