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who's using libre office 6.4?


Jan 2, 2023
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i'm trying to follow these directions but i don't see those settings on my libre office

whats up?

this sucks!
libre office.png

hi c,

software manager says my system is up to date

so i don't need to do that as my libreoffice is not being updated via software manager right?

i have libre office 6.4 and as u know there is a newer version than that
Just keep an eye on the Updates...if you see Libre office etc mentioned there....right click and choose ignore updates
so why isn't libre office being updated in software manager?

also, i did take your advice and went into synaptic package manager and its "unlocked" so that couldn't be it

this sucks!
It will update when it's ready....which is not very often......but.....if you dont keep an eye on it, the update to next version will happen without you even noticing !

follow my directions to "lock" it....that stops even the Update Manager from updating it.
something fishy is going on here.

it should've updated past 6.4 by now

come on bro. spill it. you're smart, you know whats up ;)
you're smart
Now you are talking crap !!!

If it is staying at 6.4....and you want it to stay there....leave it alone.....what's not to like ?

Although, i must admit it is rather strange that it has not updated libreoffice ...

If it gets sneaky and updates it without yiou realizing....go to the link below...it is the Archive for Libre Office....you will need to scroll down a fair way....and select the exact 6.4.x.x ...that you are using
You may have to uninstall the libre Office that it has updated to

There a few 6.4 versions....
well i don't care if i have an old or new libre office...its just that libre office 6.4 runs really slow on a fresh restart

and since its not being updated in linux software manager, something is going on

this sucks
Click on menu
Then type in .. Software Manager

Then type in... Libre ....and hit enter

It will show this:

From memory i think you only wanted writer and calc??........you can download those individually or you can simply download LibreOffice ....which will give you whole lot.

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