Why did the hard drive sound so impressive?

That was bad and you should feel bad...

Or you should feel proud of yourself for such a groaner! Hmm... We do not have a 'dad jokes' thread.
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In hockey there is a penalty box where players go to 'feel shame' for a couple minutes.
Sometimes I wish life were more like hockey
My favorite 'dad joke'...

What did the boy melon say to the girl melon?
We're too young, we cantaloupe.
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There was two submarines on a tree playing checkers. At some point a tank passing right under,

and what it said to them? let's go for a hair cut

OK I'm out
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We need a groan button....seriously....we do !
I am outraged that vandals have damaged our local bridge.
I Can’t get over it.
I read a book about how not to fall down stairs. It's a step by step guide.
When I got my first computer, my family said study hard, and you can become anyone you want..
I am now a prisoner , They didn't tell me identity theft was illegal
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I recently saw this elsewhere, and thought it would be appropriate to share in this thread. I do not know the original source:

"I saw a Linux user amusing himself. He kept switching between viewing text file contents in the terminal and then clicking the file icon to open it ... It was a bizarre game of cat and mouse."
The only thing I take seriously about newspapers these days is fish and chips, and even that I take with a pinch of salt.
Why did the cook spend 3 weeks in Hospital ?

Because the instructions on the can said...stand in boiling water for 10 minutes.