Why do I have Wifi signal problems and battery drainage?


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Mar 15, 2020
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Hello 2 days ago I installed Lubuntu 18.04. I had windows 7 starter. I have a samsung netbook np n310 bought in 2009.
With windows I had a 5 bar wifi signal and from my armchair I always had all five bars and somtimes 4. With Lubuntu I have a 4 bar wifi signal and in the same armchair I now have only 2 bars and somtimes 3. How can that be possible? I have all 4 bars only if I am at not more than 2 meters from the router. I checked the router signal with my smart phone and the signal is the same as always. Must I update the wifi card driver?
Another thing is the battery. With windows it lasted about 1 hour and a half, now it doesn't last more than half an hour.
Can someone help me?
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