Why Do You Use Linux?


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I previously asked how long you've been using Linux. The thread went over quite well. You can see the thread here:

This time, my question is why do you use Linux? You don't need to enumerate all the reasons, but what are the most important reasons?

Here are some of my reasons, not in any particular order:
  1. It just works, with little fuss - even hardware.
  2. It's easy to use, and with that is stability.
  3. It gets out of my way and lets me get my 'work' done.
  4. It's reasonably secure, secure enough for my needs.
  5. There's always more to learn - and always has people willing to teach you.
  6. There's a diversity in OSes, meaning I can pick what suits best.
  7. There's a ton of software immediately available, and more if you work at it.
  8. The community around Linux is awesome.
  9. It's largely a meritocracy.
  10. I can get involved personally and legitimately help.
I could probably keep naming reasons for a while. I'm sure I didn't think of some reasons that might be "more important". It's just a quick, informal list of reasons why I use Linux.

Feel free to offer a reply that's similar to this one. There's no exclusivity. You can have the same reasons as someone else. It's not some bizarro world contest, it's just a lighthearted sharing of reasons why we use Linux.


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It works
it dose all I need it to
it is normally fairly easy to fix
I don't spend every other Sunday morning running clean up programs, [reg cleaner,junk cleaner, de-frag, etc]


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Linux is the operating system that I am the most familiar and comfortable with, having used it for most of my life.

I have had to use Windows in a few occasions due to circumstances outside of my control, but I have never really developed an interest on it.

Linux does everything I need it to do and more, and thus I do not really see a reason for me to change.


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the bug bear with Windows to me was that in every direction that i explored it involved re-occuring cost.

I started dabbling in web sites and need an ftp to load files to the server cuteFtp was my choice at the time and i had to shell out for it. Image edit/manipulation for web site and family photos - PaintShopPro was my choice and again had to shell out. It was the cheaper option of Adobe photoshop .

Then I got hacked when paypal and ebay were one company. This was actually confirmed by the company via a phone call- actually they left a brief message on my answer phone . Along the lines ''it wasn't your fault " . I then built my first tower with all parts being virgin. The dilemma was Devil you know or Devil you don't . I went for linux. What a reverlation when i found i could get gFTP for free . Gimp for free that was at least as good as the paintshoppro . I never looked back- at every instance of delving into unknown areas , i found there was supporting software .

I guess I like the idea I will never know Linux completely so there is always something new to learn .


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One of the reasons I switched to Linux was the Freedom to install, run and do whatever I like on my own computer (Tower)...I'll never buy another Laptop because I wont pay good money to microsuck for an OS I don't want.

Other reasons...no Spyware, Viruses, or Secret Back Doors into the OS, Linux doesn't break or slow right down like windwoes does. As someone else said...no defraging needed because Linux doesn't fill up with crap like windwoes does.

Linux updates are for the System to improve things and can be installed when you like, unlike updates for windwoes that contain spyware and other things that screw the OS and requires a complete re-install.

Last but not least, I like the heaps of Distros to choose from...there's one for everyone.


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I started using Linux back around 2000 when XP crashed and literally ate the My Documents folder , along with 4k mp3s.

I haven't missed running Windows once.

I have stuck with Debian over the years because it just works.

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I started using Linux back around 2000 when XP crashed and literally ate the My Documents folder , along with 4k mp3s.
Amazing and I quote "I started using Linux back around 2000 when XP crashed and literally ate the My Documents folder , along with 4k mp3s."

Windows XP was released to manufacturing on August 24, 2001, with retail sales beginning on October 25, 2001.

Amazing how you were using an OS that had not even been released to the public yet.



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1. When I first started it was because:
- It was fun learning something new.
- It was different that I was used to.

2. Currently because of:
- Freedom and control and because Linux is easier.
- I'm used to it now


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I started using Linux as a hobby in the beginning, dual-boot with Windows. Ubuntu was being reviewed by a local PC magazine more than 10 years ago, so I gave it a try. I only use Linux 100% starting from 2017.

Why I use Linux over Windows. My experience with Ubuntu/Backbox Linux:
  • More new things to learn. I discovered how things work, command lines, open-source software, Github, Distrowatch, etc.
  • I can open folders in tabs to easily find and navigate between directories. This doesn't available on Windows.
  • The default text editor, Gedit also comes with tabs so I can open several text files simultaneously.
  • Capturing screenshots is much easier on Ubuntu/Backbox Linux. It comes out of the box. No hassle to look for MSPaint and paste the screenshot in there.
  • No hassle to download and install Adobe Reader to read PDF file. The PDF reader comes out-of-box.
  • Better security with lots of encryption options, for free. I never encrypt my folders on Windows. The last time I looked on Google, Windows users need to to pay more for the Pro edition to encrypt their home folder. On With Ubuntu/Backbox Linux, I can do the same for free.
  • I can choose which server to download the updates. Therefore it gives me more control on the download speed and security. If one server gets hacked, the rest are still safe.
  • No spyware or system processes connecting in the background. My experience with Windows years ago: I needed to use the Glasswire firewall to block some of the unwanted Windows apps which were connecting in the background and then slowed my internet connection. So, bye Windows 10.
  • Lightweight system. Windows 10 slowed down my system. If I use it on an old computer, the Linux system boots faster than Windows 10. If I install Linux on a new computer, it is much faster.
  • Lots of customizations. If I get bored with one DE, I simply choose another or change the way my system looks like.
  • No forced updates like Windows.
  • More free, open-source software. For example no need to use Photoshop. Just use GIMP. No need for Microsoft Office. Use Libre Office.
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I would say this about sums it up.
  • I became a computer junkie in the 80s / 90s.
  • Found Linux and liked it because my buddy and I could set up servers to transfer games and files over dial-up connections. (it took a while back then and a server was far better than using a terminal transfer like z-modem)
  • Got a job and their ISP's mail server went down several times a week.
  • I replaced theirs with a Linux mail server and stability became a thing for our email lol. (got a raise!)
  • Linux was a *real* server OS, Windows that I had always used was not. I say that, though I had messed with Windows NT by then. It wasn't in the same class as Linux for what I wanted to do. It was just a better Enterprise domain management / local filesharing server. I was an Internet guy and NT certainly wasn't an Internet server.
  • Today I still use it because as long as you're smart about what you're doing. It's rock solid. It's free in most cases, it can be very lightweight, and it's very secure.
  • It made me a very fruitful career that has lasted over 20 years.


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I became a computer junkie in the 80s / 90s
ah the days of the high speed modem 1200 BPS was my first but when I got a 9600 BPS all my mates thought I was the bees knees then various modems till the V90 [56kbs] which I hacked and got it pushing 90kbs.
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