Why is gaming on linux so damn impossible? And by games I mean real big titles not tetris.


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So as a diehard Win7 fan I am forced to move on from my comfortable, reliable, clean windows 7 I have been using for 10 years to something else as end of support is here. Im not gonna use windows 10 even if they hold a gun to my head, the obvious alternative was linux. I like zorin a lot so installed it and its been 3 days and other than minecraft I couldnt get a single game to work on linux and now Im getting withdrawal symptoms that I cant play with anything. Wine is useless, Rainbow 6 and WOT are the two main games I play with, wot client runs fine in wine but the launcher does not so unless I have a windows dual-booted that I use to update my wot client I cant use it. Rainbow cant be played through wine as you need steam and uplay to run with it, protondb doesnt work with it so Im trying to get around all of this with VMware. Or at least I wanted to but its god awful slow. Virtualbox with the same machine settings runs smooth but that has very limited graphics capability that is not suitable to run games like this even at the lowest settings. But even if they ran fine, I would rather not play because whats the point of a GTX 970 if I play like Im on intel hd?

Dual-boot isnt an option, because it defeats the purpose of having linux. Might as well go back to win7 and get a paid anti-virus... I dont want to jump around between OS's.

Is there any way to play normally on linux? Or was I bamboozled.

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These are valid questions young fella, and I can only guess at your frustration.

(Wizard appears in a puff of smoke)

G'day @Waifuracer and welcome to linux.org :)

I will move this Thread to our Linux Gaming Section, where we have a number of enthusiasts who are trying different solutions and coming up with help all the time.

Maybe put together a short list of your Fave Games and see what they can say?

Good luck and I will watch with interest.


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Hello Waifuracer,

Welcome to Linux.org .

Plain and simple games are designed for Windows OSs and not Linux.

When it comes to serious pc gaming Windows rules and ain't no better.



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My solution is this.
Use Windows 7 for gaming, install VMware or Virtualbox to run a Linux OS for internet "things".
Yes Windows 7 is no longer supported, but provided you keep for system clean, everything should be fine.
I've used this solution for almost a year, works for myself.


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Keeping the system clean could be easier said than done. A lack of support from msoft servers/security teams will leave win 7 highly vulnerable...similar to win xp now.
Opening win 7 etc to the open internet (eg gaming platforms) is asking for trouble, and I have no doubt you will get said trouble.
Eventually a paid AV will lose its effectiveness...and interest on the part of the supplier (they will only think in terms of $ coming in...as the number of win 7 users willing to pay the fee drops off so will their interest)....as they have with xp

Personally, if i were addicted to gaming, I would dual boot Linux and win 10. Putting roadblocks/mindset blocks in the way of all possible alternatives etc will lead exactly where do you do not wish to be.....nowhere.
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