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why the heck can't I find an ans machine / fax app



Windows, you have answering / fax programs all over the place and many are free. Linux? I really can't find one.

Are there not any nix users that have home based businesses that use their computer as an ans / fax machine?

My main computer MOBO went out yesterday and crippled my CRM, ans / fax program. It is a windows based computer. This will be the third EVGA MOBO in 2.5 years but that is another subject. On the Windows box I use a bought and paid for Ventafax program. I would like to find a free program to use while I wait for my RMA MOBO to arrive.


I can give it a go but is there an GUI to view the faxes or must you print them to view?

Any idea for an answering machine?


Tried it but apparently you need to have an external serial fax??????? My laptop has an internal voice / fax modem.


But I just use My HP printer with HPLip
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