WiFi connection difficulty in Cafe's?


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Mar 26, 2023
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I don't seem to be able to connect in some cafe's such as Costa. The same difficuly will occur in other connections. If the connection is secure when you make the connection it correclty asks for the Authentication the password (key). If the connection is free and has NO INTERACTION it will connect. But in some connections like Costa/Starbucks and some WiFi on Trains/buses. I comes up witha page that basically asks you to accept the conditions of usage. There is a TICK BOX that you tick and then the WiFi connection is made. However in Costa today it could see the so called Free WiFi didn't show a padlock/security. But as I didn't get the condition page and say yes to conditions I couldn't connect. Looked at Network Manager to see if there was some setting I could change.
Can any one help over this Free WiFi on Linux Mint when you need to accept conditons?

Be aware using any open/free Wi-Fi is a security risk, more so if you do not have to use a pass code to log in,
first thing to check is your security settings in your browser, [generally Linux browsers are more secure than their windows cousins,]
I have been using Mint since version 3 [2007] on my netbook, which has been all over Europe. And it's never been a problem for surfing, I have had some problems using Thunderbird mail, with the message connection is not secure.
Sorry the laptop is a Lenovo Think Pad L560. Using Linux Mint latest I think - how do I check version of linux
Many ways, my favourite will give you all the information on your machine, from the terminal run Sudo inxi -Fnxx
But don't use it for posting on forums as it gives too much sensitive information, for posting on internet sites use inxi -Fnxz [without the sudo]
Ok Brickwizard I get the drift re info needed: Will this do: OS: Linux Mint 21.1 Cinamon; Cinamon Version: 5.6.8; CPU: Intel i5-6200; Memory: 8Gb; Drive: 100Gb (SSD); Graphics: Intel Skylake GT2; Manf: Lenovo;Model: Thinkpad L560;
But I don't think it is a machine/hardware/firmware issue?? It is the interaction between the WiFI interface/driver and the WiFi connection. Where they want password authentication works. But these places where they want agreement to conditions I don't get the page re conditions. Surely other Linux user on laptops have found this. So I thought I might be steeered to a solution
This suggestion may not be useful to you, but it's often easier in my case to tether to one's phone and get online. It's often been quite a bit faster than using "cafe" internet, it's more private and has fewer geographical limitations. The matter both data limits on one's mobile plan, and of battery usage are relevant. Being plugged into the mains can be useful for long stints online. YMMV.