Wifi issues on ubuntu (solved)



Hello all,

I seem to have problems connecting to the wifi on ubuntu, I googled it but was unable to fin anything that helped me one of the results said to press the network button on the the menu bar and connect that way but I was unable to see any connection info to join my wifi and it was saying to "edit my connections" also I was using "try Ubuntu" part rather than installing, I am not sure if my internet access would be restricted when I am trying out the software rather than installing it.

sorry in advance if it seems like a daft question. Also if you need me to explain more about my issue please ask! :)



Problem fixed, I decided to go buy a network cable instead rather than faffing about with wi-fi.


Hi Terioux and everyone else,

I'm need to get involved in the Linux environment. After a long journey, I finally could get Ubuntu installed in a dual boot mode in my Acer Aspire V5.
Like you, Terioux, I can't get wi-fi connection. At first, I thought "I should get help in the web", and I did. But in order to follow advices, I have to download something (I don't know exactly what). So, I tried by wire. For my despair, I realized I also can't have wired internet connection. As my last chance, I tried get connection from my cell phone, by USB connection, but... it didn't work too.
When I'm trying by wired mode, at least I see my internet user name. But I insert the right password, click in OK and then nothing happens. I know my password is correct, because I can easily access from my others non-linux systems (like Windows, Android).
If anyone could point me the way, I would be really thankful, cause I'm lost!!!!
By the way, Happy New Year!!!
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