wifi not working properly


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My wifi has some frustrating problem, it works for few seconds immediately after connecting but the speed gets very low afterward. (from 40Mb/s to 10Kb/s)

I have this problem only on my laptop Lenovo IdeaPad but not on any other device. This is also the only device with Linux on it.
I am now using the wired connection and everything works fine, so I imagine it's a problem with the wireless adapter.

I made several research on the internet and I couldn't find much that solved my issue. (I also have to admit that I am not an expert linux user)

Any help would be much appreciated.

Thank you

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If you are a new user and facing issues with your Netgear extender, then there are high chances that you might have done some of the following things.

The most common problem is when you have placed the extender away from the router. This leads to connectivity errors and you might face issues with establishing connections between the extender and router and the computer system as well.

In case you have not updated the web browser or the firmware of the extender or router, then you might face issues, and popping up of error messages is obvious.

Many times, you face issues due to a low internet connection or there is no internet connection available at your place.

It is also seen that the spelling of the IP address of the extender is not filled correctly. For an instance, if you type in instead of, you will not connect to the right page. There are chances that an error message will pop up on your screen.

If you are establishing a wired connection, then make sure that the Ethernet cable you are using is not damaged and working properly. While connecting, make sure that the wifi extender’s power LED light should be lit up.

If the extender is not ready and has been reset partially (not in a complete manner), then also you will face errors related to the new Netgear extender setup process.

By placing the extender, router, and computer system in a single room, you can establish a strong connection. Another thing is to make sure that the power socket is working properly.

It is often seen that many users forget the username or password or both. In this scenario, you will need to follow a prominent procedure to recover the password. If you are using the default credentials, then you can use ADMIN as the username and PASSWORD as the password.

The blinking of the red light on the extender is another issue. To tackle this, it is advised to re-establish the connections or try to reset all the devices and switch them ON again after a few moments.

In conclusion, these are the essential details related to the wifi extender Netgear setup process. Here in this guide, we are also telling you the required troubles with the Netgear extender login process as well as the essential troubleshooting tips which will help you in using this extender like a pro.


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Was it working ok before? if the wi-fi card has realteck chip-sets they are known to be troublesome



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Give us a little more to go on. Which Linux distro are you using? What WIFI card if known?
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