Windows 10 won't boot from grub bootloader (Fedora 34 dual boot)

Tony Yahasiel

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I have 2 partitions on my SSD and I have installed Fedora 34 and windows 10. Everything was working fine, but now when I boot into windows 10 it black screens after Lenovo logo (using a lenovo laptop btw) for a few seconds and shows the grub boot menu again. First time trying out dual boot, absolute beginner please help me out


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You could try 'boot-repair-disk' and burn it on a CD or thumb drive. Used it a few times to sort out one or other OS not booting on a dual boot system.


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Boot into Fedora and run this in the terminal to update Grub.
This command has to be ran as 'root'. So become root first than run this command:

grub2-mkconfig -o /etc/grub2.cfg

Than reboot and see if you can boot into Window 10.

If that fails than you probably will need to perform boot-repair.

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