Wine 3.0.1 in Ubuntu 18.4.1?

Eddie Paul Litz

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Apr 30, 2018
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Does anyone know if Wine 3.0.1 will be in Ubuntu 18.4.1?

@arochester, no, on closer look, it doesn't seem so. Ubuntu's version scheme is odd... but the current Wine 3.0.1 is not what you get if you install 3.0-1ubuntu1 from the current Bionic Beaver repository... you get 3.0. I have no idea what "1ubuntu1" means! I just confirmed 3.0 by installing it with a Live 18.04 DVD and Synaptic. Wikipedia says that 3.0.1 was only just released in May (after Bionic was released)... so it is very current, and most repositories are not usually that quick to get new versions. However, I cannot find any info on when the Ubuntu team will incorporate 3.0.1 either. Sooner or later! :D

Eddie, since you previously told us that you are having trouble installing Wine 3.0.1 according to the Wine HQ instructions, you might prefer a distro that includes Wine. There are not many, but the latest Zorin OS (12.3 Core) comes with Wine 3.0 already installed. If you think you require something more advanced than Wine 3.0, you could try running a Live Knoppix 8.2 on USB as it has Wine 3.1 included. Knoppix is a very special distro though, and running it in live mode may not suit your needs, but it is not designed to be installed to a hard drive (and it is strongly advised against even trying!).... but it might at least tell you whether a more advanced version of Wine is going to help you, or not. I don't think you've ever told us what Windows program you want to use that is not working for you, but Wine will not run everything!

Morning all :D

I have no idea what "1ubuntu1" means!

It is a Debian-based numbering system for package management recognition, which Ubuntu in particular seems to enjoy using, and have been using since before I started Linux around 2012.

A Google search under "what does 1ubuntu1 mean" provides some light reading :confused:

The one I like, and have bookmarked has been revised, edited, rather, as recently as June 2017 is as follows


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That's why I said "light reading :confused:", lol.

SparkyLinux, Ubuntu GamePack and PeachOSI also come preinstalled with Wine.



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