Wireless connection not working


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Nov 14, 2021
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P4 2 gighertz
2 gighertz ram
40 gighertz ATA hard drive

Linux mint rebecca 17.1 .i386 installed and operational
Internet works on netgear thumb drive.
Want to install PC card for internet instead of thumb drive
Only PC card able to find is:
CNWLC-811 11 MBPS Wireless Lan PC Card designed for .i386 systems.
Have not been able to load it or find a driver that will work.
Does anyone know of one or how to create one>


its so old i no longer hold any information on it,
have you installed it yet?
if so in terminal run inxi -N [inxispace-N] copy and past the result back

its time for bed for old wizards I will look in tomorrow
inxi-N shows no files found.
Guess I need to try and find a better card for a 32 bit system.
Any suggestions or preferences that are available.
All of the ones I have looked at are for 64 bit systems and are not backwards

Linux mint rebecca 17.1 .i386 installed and operational
That version reached end-of-life in April 2019. You really should replace it. :oops:

There are still a few i386 distros around but seems to be fewer every year. With the low specs of your computer, I'd suggest trying antiX Linux. I would not spend any money on it since you have a wireless that works with your Netgear dongle. Good luck!
Tried antiX Linux and it would not load on my machine
so that is the reason I am using Rebecca.
Honestly I tried several times and no go.

You gotta do what you gotta do... but I would not give up the search for a current distro, or else I would give up on the old computer if nothing current can be found to work on it. Using an EOL operating system is just a bad idea. Here are a couple of lists with other options... here and here. I hope you can find something.
I have had success on old boxes with MX-386 [new version came out last month] or if its really low spec Debian 32 bit, but if it is over 20 yrs old then i can almost [but not quite] guarantee Emubuntis 32 bit will work [it is a large download almost 3.5gb because it contains drivers for kit as far back as pentium P1 boxes]

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