WOOHOO! It's time to celebrate!

Yeah, me too! I pay every year... as part of several domains. LOL

My first .edu address cost me money and time, so much of both. My second one paid me money, but not nearly as much as people think. Now I'm happily retired, but I still obligate myself to things. Ah well...

Congrats KGIII & it's well deserved.

Your @ubuntu.com email will be auto-generated by Canonical/Ubuntu infrastructure using the details found on your launchpad page. Being granted Ubuntu membership there started that process (cron jobs do it).

Your @lubuntu.me email is manually created by ... (I'll stop here)

Lubuntu membership involves both Lubuntu & Ubuntu membership; as applies to all ?Ubuntu flavors as they have the same requirements & procudures (but not the Ubuntu-? flavors where it's separate steps; these flavors commonly use the same requirements/procedures but aren't required to).

If you'd like to add Linux.org to Lubuntu's support wiki; ie. https://phab.lubuntu.me/w/support/ , then feel free if you're putting yourself as the contact ;)
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Fancy meeting you here!

Folks, @guiverc would be the person I call my mentor. Heck, without him I'd have never figured out the application process!

Let me check with @Rob (our admin) to see if he's interested in being that associated. I'm pretty sure he'll be all sorts of happy with that. And, yeah, I'll sign on as the 'official' contact. I ain't scared - 'cause I can always ask you!

And, yeah, I figured out how the email worked earlier today. Both are working, though I guess there's more steps I can take to integrate the @ubuntu.com address. I'll look at that for more details.
LOL Thanks!

At the end of the day, someone's gotta step up and put the hours in. It might as well be me.

I look forward to the continued education, as this has taught me so much. The folks involved in the Lubuntu project are absolutely brilliant.
There you go, Linux.org - you're now - more-so - recognized as a reliable place where people can come and get support. I put my name on this without hesitation, because I know y'all are awesome.

To me, the link means that folks can visit here to ask for help and have a reasonable chance at getting that help and a reasonable chance at finding someone who's willing to help. I don't think that's a prescription for the future - I think that's an accurate statement of how it is now.

So, it's really nothing new - this is just an indicator of current quality.

@Rob, @guiverc, @wizardfromoz

Hmm... This might be worth its own thread, but I don't think it needs to be. It'd add clutter and, more importantly, this doesn't mean anything changes. As I said, the link is just a description of how Linux.org already is.

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