would you rather install windows than trying wine?



I was having a hard time when i tried to learn forex trading and so I switch to windows for about months since I can't make MT4 software work in wine. which software gave you headache that made you switch to windows as it has no alternative?

I have to say that, for the most part, I have found many reasonable alternatives to Windows (only) programs that are available. However, I had to resort in buying a laptop with Windows 7 on it for college purposes. I require several plug-ins or software that is only available to Windows with no exceptions whatsoever. Wine wasn't an option for me, though I find it is rarely a great option for select programs. I don't think I could count how many times I wanted to throw a Linux-based computer out the window because of Wine - that never happened though, just more of a "rage quit" moment!
gee throwing those computer out of the window is awesome :D
I have no problems with alternative software though like GIMP, inkscape and etc.

a friend also switch to windows every time he has a project where he has to use CAD software.
I apparently use Windows a lot more than Linux, When i'm free i sit around and play with Linux. And yes there are alternative windows like applications available for Linux, but i don't think most of them has the same features. So you'll probably have to hunt and if you're lucky you'll find one.
I really think that nothing compares to running windows applications on a linux, than actually installing windows. I find that Wine isn't compatible with a lot of programs I use, and when you go to save something, its hard to find your way around a fake C drive.
I found WINE to be problematic with a lot of software I use for my regular job, so I have to keep a machine free with a Windows OS. I have been trying to adapt so scripts which involve audiometry software but nothing works at the moment. I am learning more every day but until I can figure out a way around my issues with Linux and compatible software, the Windows OS's will have to stay around for a while just yet.
I have to disagree Dareaper, I find most of the alternative opensource programs reliable than those for Linux that sometimes aren't free. however, MT4 and CAD software i think isn't really for linux. and maybe later their developers can develop better.
GIS software that used to be mostly proprietary around turn of this century, now is becoming Open Source big-time. CAD will head the same direction, I believe.
I find that most of the time, Wine is very very unstable, it is very predictable, and I really have a hard time getting things to run in it, I much rather run a dual boot, but then again that means you have to restart, etc, when you want to switch between programs. So now I run a VM within my linux machine with windows running in it. I install all my windows programs into my Vm then open them in there as needed. I love it. I use Virtual Box, and it works a treat.
You may be right, and i wouldn't go against you seeing that i don't have much experience using Linux. But in my opinion Linux has so many variations and several hundreds of distro's, it could confuse the users to choose from one and the possibility to find compatible hardwares. And Linux for new users is definitely hard to use than windows seeing that most people were used to windows functions.

Also there are some high-end applications on windows that you might not get reasonable alternatives on linux. Like you've said AutoCAD and stuff. But i still love Linux. Especially gamer's prefer a High end pc and Windows to run top rated games, that you don't find on Linux.
I would much rather use wine which is free software. Though i'd probably just not use anything windows or proprietary
I was having a hard time when i tried to learn forex trading and so I switch to windows for about months since I can't make MT4 software work in wine. which software gave you headache that made you switch to windows as it has no alternative?

For leisure: games. There are some games (League of Legends for the longest time, Tribes: Ascend, etc...) that just won't run for one reason or another. For business use: Microsoft Word. Libre/OpenOffice tends to look pretty horrible in past experiences when opened up in Word. I know Office can run fine in WINE but I've ran into some cases where it was just better to use it in Windows.

For most cases though just using a virtual machine is sufficient enough for those times where WINE and Linux-variant softwares won't cut it.
LibreOffice is still a lot less intuitive than MS Word, especially when it comes to customed layers of bullets.

And the multi-language support (Chinese and English, to be precise) has been bad for all past versions. When more than one language exists in the same text, it tends to choke on the formats easily.

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