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Mar 18, 2024
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Hello everyone,
My self Priyanshu. I'm currently engaged in an XFS project and its read Support is almost ready not as good as that of Linux but, yes It can perform the Basic operations. Now for The next iteration, I need to add the write Support for this Project. I want to implement the Free Space Bplus Tree (Block Offset one), For which I'm using a Short Format Bplus Tree But I'm confused about how it will look on the Disk. how do I allot blocks for this as this tree is used for Block allocation and I'm pretty much Stuck here? Can someone refer me to resources about the Disk I/O and this Free Space Management? Suggestions are welcome.

Thank you for your Suggestion I'll look into it. Can you also suggest resources that focus on the implementation part?
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I have gone through the RedHat documentation of the XFS. I particularly want to focus on the BPLUS TREE Implementation in the XFS Can have the resources for that. Also, can anyone provide me the mailing list of the XFS(if they have :) )

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