Y2k22 bug is causing Microsoft Exchange to fail

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I reckon right about now they would give their eye teeth and a few other body parts to have the Linux Server option in place.
Despite all of the anti-virus software and patches available for Winblows, it still is notorious for being hacked, crashes, and the BSoD
Microsoft has released a temporary fix for the above problem

This fix comes in the form of a PowerShell script named 'Reset-ScanEngineVersion.ps1.' When executed, the script will stop the Microsoft Filtering Management and Microsoft Exchange Transport services, delete older AV engine files, download the new AV engine, and start the services again.

To use the automated script to apply the fix, you can follow these steps on each on-premise Microsoft Exchange server in your organization:

  1. Download the Reset-ScanEngineVersion.ps1 script from https://aka.ms/ResetScanEngineVersion.
  2. Open an elevated Exchange Management Shell.
  3. Change the execution policy for PowerShell scripts by running Set-ExecutionPolicy -ExecutionPolicy RemoteSigned.
  4. Run the script.
  5. If you had previously disabled the scanning engine, enable it again using the Enable-AntimalwareScanning.ps1 script.
Microsoft warns that this process may take some time, depending on the organization's size.

Microsoft has also provided steps that admins can use to update the scanning engine manually.

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