You are invited to take part in the Express 2019 F/OSS-Firms Survey!

Mathieu O'Neil

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Hi everyone

We are looking for participants to help us with a study on the sustainability of free and open source software, ‘Mapping the co-production of digital infrastructure by peer projects and firms’, which is funded by a Sloan and Ford Foundations grant.

We are trying to learn about how commercial firm engagement with F/OSS, for example in the form of paying developers to develop F/OSS, impacts volunteer projects such as Linux.

Our quantitative survey of GitHub shows that Linux is one of the top recipients of commits by people with a professional email address (eg, which is why we are reaching out to members of the Linux community.

Participation in the survey requires about five minutes of your time (there are only seven questions). If you are involved in Linux as a developer, maintainer or contributor, please follow the link below to answer our questions:

The research team: Mathieu O’Neil, University of Canberra; Xiaolan Cai, University of Canberra; Laure Muselli, Telecom Paris; Mahin Raissi, University of Canberra; Stefano Zacchiroli, Universite Paris Diderot / INRIA & former Debian Project Leader

Duration: The survey will run for 2 weeks, from November 25 to December 9, 2019.

More information? Please visit our project webpage:

Any questions? Email me through the above website.

This research has been approved by the Human Research Ethics Committee at the University of Canberra (Project no. 1865).
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@Mathieu O'Neil

G'day Mathieu - welcome to from a fellow Aussie :)

Mate, your Thread came across my desk for approval, likely because of the email URL, which can attract spambots, both to us and to you. I have edited it appropriately, regret any inconvenience.

I am moving this to Site Announcements with a redirection, and will pin it there for 2 weeks, for the duration of the survey.

@JulienCC if I recall you being a bit of a developer, you may be interested in this, as the Committee has bi-partite representation from Australia and France. Others here may also qualify.


Chris Turner

BTW Mathieu - F/OSS is FOSS, as coined by Richard Stallman. :)


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G'day Mathieu, and Welcome to

From the multiple presence of g'days you would think there are a few aussies around here....and you would be right. We may not have the majority by numbers, but we certainly have it in terms of initiative.

We will give that survey a good hard push for you.

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