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So because I ate small amount of fruit before taking my dad to the doctor this morning, Burger King decides to give me the finger by telling me that they stop serving breakfast around 11am. In other words, I can only have breakfast when THEY say I can. "Have it your way!" my anus!
So I applied for my Australian citizenship a few days ago; let’s see how it goes and how many more papers they ask for!
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Thanks all!

@wizardfromoz I am Spanish, and yes we can maintain both citizenships. We just need to make a declaration at the Spanish Consulate so that we intend to keep being Spanish (hahaha!) within 3 years from obtaining the Australian one.
Indeed, my 10 months old daughter already has both citizenships as she got the Spanish one by descent. She will have to do the exact same declaration from the moment she turns 18 and before 3 years from then.
@Condobloke yes, indeed, I am on a permanent resident visa (skilled worker). Thanks!
My friend became an orphan after his mom died back in January, and now his grandma died. One option he has is to get a job where I'm at (because he's been unemployed for a few years), have his house's landlord pair him up with two roommates, and split the costs with them. Another option would be to move in with his uncle who lives out of state. I'm hoping the former works out because he's like a brother to me.
Hi Wiz,
I apologise for posting in the "how-does-a-guy-well-you-know-have-a-conversation.36579/#post-135015" when no-one was supposed to at that stage, I should have read your posting about not doing so. Anyway I apologise for doing that it was stupid on my part.


I worked HARD again tonight. When I saw the assistant manager earlier this afternoon, he told me that the manager was nice enough to give me a bonus because he's been hearing how great I'm doing, so I ended up getting $590 as opposed to the $400-something I would've gotten originally. Also, an elderly couple who comes there regularly gave me a fish toy for my cat to play with, all because I told them about her.
I came across your screen name under that Members Online section. Its good to know there's a fellow Mel Brooks fan on here. :)
Thank everyone for the help on earlier questions. I had to redo my computer and I am just now getting back online . mooseman
Version 0.2 of PSSM (pacman self system maintenance) released just now. Added y/n check before script runs to ensure user understands repercussions of upgrading Arch/manjaro packages before they begin script.
Just released Version 0.1 of my "Pacman Self System Maintenance" or "PSSM" it is a shell script I wrote to help me keep pacman packages and repos clean and upgraded. Check it out on Github.
After having a conversation with the assistant manager this morning, it turns out I was dead wrong about the head manager. I kept thinking the head manager was blowing me off and making excuses when it came to getting my paper work printed. It turns out he has deadlines with his construction project due to permits. Thankfully, after I apologized to him, it's all water under the bridge now.
According to two coworkers I talked to earlier tonight, this manager is known for being dysfunctional when it comes to running the restaurant. Not only have I decided to quit soon because I've honestly lost all respect for him, but I'm thinking about looking into the legal aspects of what he's doing, and seeing if there's charges I can place on him.
Hope all is well out in the land down under.
Been learning a lot about the Linux kernel it's now become my only interest as far as computing goes.
Thanks for your help along the way good sir!
Never a problem, friend. :). Glad to hear about the Linux kernel, that will keep you out of mischief. Maybe you'll be our next Developer, we have 3 already that I am aware of.

Avagudweegend, Chris.
We have kernel devs? Nice! (I'm not a kernel dev myself, but it's great to see people interested in doing that sort of stuff. They can take care of the kernel, I'll do the GUI apps.)
While my boss isn't trying to come off as being too wrapped up in his construction project on the restaurant, he definitely acts that way. I've been working there for practically two weeks now, and I still don't know what I'm getting paid per hour, nor has finally printed out my paperwork (claiming his printer's not working). I suggested he go to the local library and print it, but he says he'll "take care of it".
Just bought new Notebook 360° E3222 MD63820 Medion Akoya (not activated nor started yet to avoid software activation!). DO NOT want to work with the automatically forced and installed software of Windows10 + after activation also Microsoft 365☠ (free use). So perhaps I can use some help in the future for installing Linux. Now preparing by reading Linux book. Any kind of tips always welcome!
Ubuntu Touch might be a good option. I've never worked with a touch screen device on linux, but Ubuntu Touch does have a desktop pc environment. It might be worth a try.
as it is a modern machine
I suggest you pick a distribution that has the Linux 5.10 or later kernel
I worked HARD tonight. Because it's a friday night, we were very busy and short on waitresses, so on top of the tasks I normally complete, I decided to take the initiative and help out with bringing drinks out, filling orders (which was the first time I ever did that), and busing tables. One table I filled an order for was nice enough to give me a $20 tip because I jumped in and provided quality service.