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    Post a screenshot of your Desktop

    The last days I moved to wayland using Labwc WM, eww and waybar. My goal was to use only eww as a sidebar without a panel, but eww doesn't have a tray or task manager widget so I also use waybar for those(for now at least).
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    NTFS file problem in BTRFS drive.

    Where is the location of those files. Are in your home folder? Try to take ownership of the directory(and subdirectories) with those file with chown: chown -R USER:GROUP FOLDER for e.g if your username is parrot, the folder name is winfolder and it's in /home/parrot directory: sudo chown -R...
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    NTFS file problem in BTRFS drive.

    And why then you run ntfsfix? This utility is for ntfs filesystems. Because of this I supposed that you have an ntfs partition. So you have no access to those files that you copied from the ntfs partition. Did you try as root?
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    Recenty I created an autoshutdown script using dialog, to use remotely to a server pc. #!/bin/bash choise=$(dialog --clear --fb --title "Auto shutdown/reboot/suspend" --menu "Please choose an action:" 0 0 0 \ 1 "Suspend " \ 2 "Reboot " \ 3 "Power off " 3>&1 1>&2 2>&3) option="$choise"...
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    NTFS file problem in BTRFS drive.

    You need to boot to windows and chech and repair the ntfs partition there.
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    Post a screenshot of your Desktop

    You can download it from here: @Brickwizard Αθήνα
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    Post a screenshot of your Desktop

    No, greek.
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    Post a screenshot of your Desktop

    This is mine with fluxbox and tint2: and my grub-theme:
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    Any ideas how can I change the visual configuration of the menu in Cinnamon?

    Probably you can. But it depends with the theme you using. You must go to the theme's folder and find cinnamon.css file. Open it with a text editor and try to find the related option. Here is a tutorial to customise some elements and will give you an idea for what to search...
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    Need help installing Office 2016

    Try to install it without play on linux. Just double click on executable and the installer should run via wine.
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    Problem with sudo, su with user created from chroot

    I installed AOSC OS from arch linux via chroot and using arch-chroot script to chroot to AOSC. I'm using a separate partition for /home which I mounted and I added the user from chrootg environment, but I forgot to add the partition in fstab. So when I booted to AOSC and login because that the...
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    Been trying to get a Linux install working today

    Seems that you need to have root rights, so try to open nautilus as root(I don't use it but I think that has this option) or use terminal with sudo. sudo cp /path/to/source/file /path/to/destination/directory/ you can right click on the file you need to copy in nautilus, choose copy and then...
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    How do you set up your $HOME?

    I also have a multiboot system and many years ago I decided to use a separate /home partition. So, I have a 500G partiton as /home. There there is a directory in which I have general data stuff, linux applications which are portable, a bin directory with scripts, appimages and directories for...
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    How to boots system fast without the device in /etc/fstab?

    Did you boot with disk plugged in, run the command, then reboot with plugged out and re-run the command? Anyway you can try to use "x-systemd.automount" option in fstab for that disk. I think that wiith this option the disk will mount automatic when you use it, so it will not mount at boot and...
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    Help needed.

    I don't have a system with UEFI, but from what I know is that when you install linux on an UEFI machine that has windows already installed, then the already existing EFI partition used(except if you have manually do something else while install linux). So, I think that the bootloader is on EFI...