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I just tested googles version of A.I. gemini. I asked it to write three different bash scripts. Although it came close not one of them would run without modification. I am not a good coder but it appears I can outperform Google. I think the earth is safe from an A.I takeover..... :)
Pit Kernel is real-time graphics and audio processing library. Pit Kernel is a program within the framework of Pit Sys, with the help of which artists can create audio with better quality and more graphics.
I don't test well. I'm told I should try to get my Linux + and Security + certifications but I've literally never passed a single test in my entire life. Just can't handle the anxiety of being on the spot without having access to the resources of my fingertips. Would appreciate any advice one might have. Unfortunately, everyone wants to see the paperwork before they'll hire.