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Olá querendo aprender mais.
Welcome to the forums, there is plenty to learn for the newcomer, what area of Linux are you most interested in?
[ hope this is right!...Bem-vindo aos fóruns, há muito o que aprender para os iniciantes, em qual área do Linux você está mais interessado?]

My parents went to the eye doctor earlier, only to find out my mom retina's starting to detach, and my dad is in an early stage of getting glaucoma. While the doctor is going to monitor their conditions closely, and perform surgery on my mom if necessary, I'm concerned about how their conditions will affect how they live, especially since they're elderly and in relatively poor health.
Just took a quiz to see if I'm an introvert, extrovert, or ambirvert, and now I'm waiting for the results to be sent to my inbox. I definitely know I'm not an extrovert.