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When I read someone claiming that Linux is "X tens times faster than Windows" it's like going back to 2001. Just move on, people.

My teacher (whom I converted to Linux) noticed significant speed-ups in LibreOffice launch when he switched his laptop to Ubuntu.

How significant?

Windows took about a minute to load LO, while Ubuntu took only a few seconds.
That is more about LibreOffice performance on different OS, rather than how the OS handle the hardware. And most likely, LO or its dependencies are the ones to blame.
Good point--I just wanted to point that out. No offense meant :)
G'day witty1, I sent you a private message, and have received no answer as yet.

if you would like some help with your Linux problem, please reply.
" Hello Out Their in Linux Land." I'm a newbie to Linux, Just have gotten so tired of Windows proprietary "B.S." Plus I would like to learn to do some coding.
I've looked around the site, looks like a great place to Hang-Out and learn something new.