Working With Linux Fonts (Microsoft Core Fonts, etc)

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Linux comes with quite a few pre-installed fonts, especially if your distro comes with a word processor. Most word processors come with their own fonts.

Adding fonts is an easy task, just...

LFCS - Understanding and Using SELinux

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SELinux stands for Security Enhanced Linux. Security is enabled that causes security to lock down access to the system. SELinux is a Mandatory Access Control (MAC) which is part of the Kernel to...

DCA 13 - Setting Up Container DNS

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It can be imperative for a Docker Container, Service, or other to be able to resolve Domain Names. The Docker systems should need access to a Domain Name System (DNS).

There are multiple ways to...

Testing Out Linux Distro Mageia 9

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It has been a while since I've covered a Linux distro, but this one seems very different. The installation is unique compared to the standard installation.

The distro may be one that you can...

LFCS - Setting Up A Database Server

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In some environments, you may need a database server. This article will cover the basic installation and setting up of a database and table.

Let's get started and get the Database Server up and...

DCA 12 - Docker Inspect Command

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Sometimes information is needed from a running service, container, swarm, or node. Information is usually retrieved with the 'inspect' command. We need to cover this in a little detail to help you...

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