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    Bonjour le monde

    Welcome aboard and Bienvenido! :)
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    Consistent Issues Over Years With Linux

    You would have dependency checking in slack if you added slapt-get and gslapt.
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    can't install Mint 19.3

    Please give us details of your machine. A note to all people seeking help here start off your help thread with your machine's model and other appropriate info,
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    Should I Format my Hard Drive

    Use parted if you want. But as was said installer procedure ends up with formatting happening anyway. I use ext4.
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    Systemd vs Sysvinit

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    Which packages should I actually install?

    Thank you for the above. I decided to just apply the su patch as I mention above and su then works normally. i just like using su, but like you say everybody has a different method.
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    Systemd vs Sysvinit

    To add some food for thought..... sites which are anti-systemd....
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    Systemd vs Sysvinit

    Ok guys here is your opportunity to put forward your thoughts on these 2 initialization systems. I used to be very anti-systemd but have found it not to bad when using Debiandog (Based Debian Live with homemade utilities to make it behave like Puppy). You can also talk about OpenRC or any...
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    Consistent Issues Over Years With Linux

    Ok Wiz I'll do that.
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    Consistent Issues Over Years With Linux

    Interesting there has been much criticism of systemd but I found when running Debiandog with the various versions with systemd that it was very smooth efficient experience and probably better than sysvinit. I was very anti but I am now comming around to thinking it is better than I previously...
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    Which packages should I actually install?

    I concur - very much enjoyed using ceni when I was using LinuxBBQ a Sid based distro that used minimal window managers like CWM, aewm to xmonad, and ceni was the wireless manager. I agree with your idea of getting basics right before introducing x to the equation. Beware that su is very...
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    Internet Radio app Yradio and Dogradio

    I personally don't like having a full mplayer set up installed so use this special command line static build which I unzip and put in /usr/bin.
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    Setting up multi boot of 4 linux and Windows 10

    ;) Welcome Walnut, Hope you enjoy being here. I know I do.
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    Hello all

    Must Must be my evil twin brother.
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    A Linux shop

    Patrick got very badly ripped off by that whole slackware store thing. Best to give to the man himself, he deserves it. Great man.