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    Hi Wiz, I apologise for posting in the...

    Hi Wiz, I apologise for posting in the "how-does-a-guy-well-you-know-have-a-conversation.36579/#post-135015" when no-one was supposed to at that stage, I should have read your posting about not doing so. Anyway I apologise for doing that it was stupid on my part. Regards Darren
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    Best Linux Distros for Security?

    I think an operating system like EasyOS is a great option running programs in containers...
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    I'm here to annoy the community with another boutique Linux distro.

    Doesn't annoy me - good luck with it. Sounds like an interesting idea. +1
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    Linux OS which supports dial-up

    Hi Vicktoria welcome back.
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    Happy 30th Birthday Linux

    Happy Birthday Linux - a system I use every day. Thanks to Linus Torvalds and RMS.
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    What distro do you recommend?

    You may want to look at what Desktop you are using if default Ubuntu one then maybe try xfce and LXDE and LXQT for example not just which distro. You can install other desktop environments with your installation.
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    Virus guards for Linux? Is it necessary

    No worries. Quote"First I should apoligize if this is a dumb question:). As I know Linux is the safest OS" No question is a dumb question we are here to help and help share knowledge to help everyone grow in their knowledge of Linux.
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    Virus guards for Linux? Is it necessary

    Yes a vm can be excellent for running a windows environment.
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    Virus guards for Linux? Is it necessary

    Yep been using Linux for years now - since the 90's with no problems with malware like I had with windows.
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    Virus guards for Linux? Is it necessary

    I have heard that if you use wine to run Windows programs then undesirable results can happen such as........
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    Rock Roxx

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    Rock Roxx

    David Bowie - Queen Bitch.
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    Lesser Known Distros you have used.....

    Austrumi Linux a pocket sized distro
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    How can i make a linux distro?

    Building a distro from source takes a lot of work and time but the reward is a faster system, Building from an established distro is easier and you will achieve your goals of a personlised distro the way you want it. Ubuntu also offers a system to build a distro.