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    Firefox Lost Almost 50 million Users: Here’s Why It is Concerning

    I had switched to Brave a couple months ago after using Firefox for years. The reason was that I found Brave a better browser in terms in privacy. But now I've come to really like chrome-based browsers that is not Chrome browser itself like Brave/Opera. Of course you can't fully trust any...
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    When will GNOME 40 be available by default?

    Why does it actually take so long for it to be available, it was released on march? I use Debian 11 and I tried to install it from the experimental rep, but it gave random errors. So, I'm waiting for the stable version.
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    How to install ZSH theme of Kali Linux to Debian 11?

    Was looking for the theme, thanks anyway.
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    How to install ZSH theme of Kali Linux to Debian 11?

    Hi, I use Debian 11 vanilla and I want the ZSH theme that Kali Linux is using. I've done a research myself and annoyingly couldn't find anything helpful on this matter on the internet. I suppose I need to configure .zshrc, but how exactly? Can somebody please help me on this regard? Here is how...