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    Not showing any networks for me to connect to wifi

    Best initial guess is that the drivers for your wifi adapter are not in the disto. This usually occurs when a manufacturer is snotty about allowing the use of their drivers. I know that there's a lot of problem on Macbooks because of this, but I know for example, that there are drivers that can...
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    Well......this ain't good :/

    You can't hide man. keith
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    Need HELP to install Ubuntu Linux

    If I understand you correctly, you currently have a Windows sysstem on your SDD and use your HDD for storage. You wan to know whether installing Linux on the SDD will preserve the files on your HDD. The answer is yes. Assuming you want to replace the Windows OS with Linux, you can install Linux...
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    Limit lines in document to only so many characters, How?

    you could write a PERL or Python script: (pseudocode) open file foreach line in file if linelength < 81 output to new file end; keith
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    Install Ubantu ...

    It sounds like your USB does not have a bootable .iso Linux image on it. That is what you need. The fix is: - on another computer download the Ubuntu .iso image - search the Ubuntu site for instructions on burning the .ISO image to the USB drive (you'll need something like Etcher to do this) -...
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    Nvidia Is Preparing An Unexpected Surprise For Linux Users In 2020

    Remember, surprises are not always good....... :cool:
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    Linix Installation

    Okay, - firstly you need to download the ISO image for your distribution to a working computer - next you need to put that .ISO file on some sort of media (USB, DVD, etc.) that your to-be-iinux machine can use So, if both the computer you've downloaded the .ISO file to, and your to-be-linux...
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    Beginner Moving from Windows to Linux

    My first reaction to your post is this (I'm not being snarky here I just want you to be clear). You can pretty much do the same things (install the same apps, configure desktop managers, etc ,etc) in ALL distros. The difference is what each distro installs and how they are configured BY DEFAULT...
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    anyone know how to program?

    Well that's a pretty broad question. Based on what youve asked, and no other info, I'd recommend looking online for some Python tutorials and taking them..... keith
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    Upgraded from 18.04 to 20.04 and am seeing a file system failure

    Sound like either: - failing drive - weirdness with the drive format - permissions problem around the journaling filesystem I'd wipe everything, reformat the drive, then reinstall. keith
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    "RTFM" hero!
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    I used to tell my managers that when I was a QA Engineer and they were proposing end of new development 'death marches' to get a new release out....I was not very popular at these times... keith
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    "Do not place metal objects in microwave...."
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    I think they prefer "Crowd" :cool:
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    I don't know....which is preferable, RTFM or "Did you turn it off and back on again?" :cool: