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    Can't Installed Wifi Drivers - Kali Linux

    compatibilities issue?
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    Can't Installed Wifi Drivers - Kali Linux

    can't you select kernel 2.6 from grub menu?
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    keyboard does not turn on

    try "udevadm trigger" or restart usb subsystem like mention here
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    Using MPlayer (or any player) to listen to online radio.

    you need URL with .m3u or .pls, if I'm not mistaken.
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    Laptop internal mic records static or white noise only and nothing else.

    you could try to mess around with pulse audio, who know...
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    Wrong mysql socket

    change that property in my.ini
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    Query failed: disk I/O error

    yes, that could be the culprit, try changing ownership with "chown jasper.jasper zarpdb.db" and see if that works
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    Recover Redhat Linux 4 Grub Boot loader [Minimal Bash-like line editing is supported]

    perhaps your boot partition is not on lvm
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    Make Efficient System Backup

    have a look at veeam for linux
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    Query failed: disk I/O error

    please show permissions on that sqlite
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    If you're trying to view query log, edit in my.ini general_log_file = /path/to/query.log general_log = 1 then restart mysql service
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    No DNS sever obtained

    you might not be getting any IP from that wifi. check "ip a" output
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    CMD man

    something like this?
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    can't see or find "system-auth" and "password auth" in pam.d

    Can't you just create it? Have you got pam package installed? rpm -qa |grep pam