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    Auto-starting a GUI application in BeagleBone black over debian distribution

    You can set startup applications in the settings of your desktop envoirment.
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    Unable to get mouse to select desktop items

    Does this just happen with your trackpad or also with a real mouse? Are you able to oben the start menu etc. or does this also not work? Does your trackpad have physical buttons to click, or is a click just a tap on the pad?
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    RTFM is mostly used in the arch community, because arch has an very good manual / wiki, but other(most) distros don't have any or good documentation. So it's not appropriate to write this in general Linux context. BUT it would be really nice when some people read the manual before ore googled...
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    unlock login keyring - linux mint

    That means you have changed your password at some point, and this keyring still uses the old. Are you using xfce or cinnamon desktop? If your using xfce, you can easiely turn this of, by going to the xfce startup settings and turning "automatically load compatibility policy for gnome" on.
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    UEFI or lecagy BIOS on linux that sits on a USB drive

    I already tried to do what op wants to do, but the problem is that uefi systems need a gpt partition table, but bios systems need a msdos partition table, so I decided for uefi boot for my own USB drive because most computers support it, also my old lifebook from 2011 are capable of uefi. You...
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    Problem with booting on Battery.

    There are maybe some powersaving services build in Linux mint. It would be nice to see the console output while boot up. To achieve this you may go into your grub (hold down Esc while booting), and edit the Linux mint entry (press e) and erase the "quiet" kernel parameter. Then ctrl +x and...
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    does i5-10210U meet minimum installation requirements for latest ubuntu

    The 1.6 GHz is your processors minimum speed, it's able to clock way higher than this when needed. So it is defenetly fine, I also got Ubuntu run on an I5 of the second generation, so it will run on one of the 10th like yours.
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    Update Manager not starting automatically

    Tried to update your system? Via:sudo apt update && sudo apt-get upgrade?
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    Fedora blues

    Try vlc, and install all its audio code dependencies
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    Install command

    A phone is not a pc, on a phone you have another processor architecture (armv7 etc.) then in the desktop (amd64 etc.). Packages for the desktop don't work on a phone, that's why you get an error. You can install the open source version of Chrome, chromium, from package repos of your distribution...
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    Linux Mint and Kali Linux taking so long to boot

    This: sudo update-initramfs -u Should work
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    Linux Mint and Kali Linux taking so long to boot

    And set the right swap-partition in your fstab.
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    Linux Mint and Kali Linux taking so long to boot

    Reinstall the kernel
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    Post a screenshot of your Desktop

    fresh installed archlinux arm on raspberrypi4
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    Mint and the Dell 4800

    What does this have to do with the topic? ThinkPads are made by lenovo not dell...