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    Hello All. .Old Guy

    Hello old guy, from another old guy. I guess 66 makes me another old guy. --glenn
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    using linux on touch screen hp smarttouch320pc .

    i have a HP Envy Touchsmart Notebook (em6na) and the touchscreen works under ubuntu. I don't use it but it works. If your notebook is a year or two old i would expect the touchscreen to work.
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    Introduction to Linux

    You don't need any programming skills to operate Linux.
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    Introduction to Linux

    Go to and download an iso. Burn the image to a dvd and set your bios boot order to 1. DVD 2. hard drive 3. floppy and boot the DVD. It will run linux from the DVD and you can test it out. If you like it you can install it from the DVD. Be careful installing it. You want to...