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    issue related to kali linux dual boot on windows 11

    @manohar27001 did you grab the required file and load it on a usb? I'm not sure what you're asking here.
  2. Rob site with Brave browser requires captcha to visit.

    Yeah, I just use it with "shields up" normal.
  3. Rob site with Brave browser requires captcha to visit.

    I'll lessen the cloudflare stuff here and see if it helps.
  4. Rob site with Brave browser requires captcha to visit.

    I'm using brave as well and able to view the site no issues - but yeah, i did up the settings in cloudflare temporarily..
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    Anyone else using Kdenlive for video editing?

    I was using openshot for a while for my bbq channel ( but about 6 months ago switched to kdenlive and love it. Also, there's a great support subreddit that has helped me out a lot. Anyone else edit video on Linux?
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    Are we suffering attempted DDoS attacks.

    Yeah, increased the settings again just now :)
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    Kali install in a virtual machine on W10

    I'll be the first to say you need to spend some time in a normal distribution (ubuntu, fedora, etc..) and learn the linux basics before you install Kali. The locate application isn't installed by default - you need to install the plocate package.
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    Whitelist IPs - how to ?

    Are you able to hop on another network and try to connect from there? Maybe your phone has a hotspot you can hop on?
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    Whitelist IPs - how to ?

    Is there maybe a network service group at the host level that you may need to open up as well? Can you list ufw rules to see if they're getting applied? How did you add your IP to connect?
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    A man has cash ...

    Ok, i've added this in case anyone is interested :) I'm not expecting anything, but if people are going to ask, i'll provide it :)
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    A man has cash ...

    That would be pretty easy in the footer .. but, again, beer money. I can't promise anything in return.
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    A man has cash ...

    Thanks @SlowCoder , but there's really nothing set up for this. It'd likely go to beer anyway lol. You're doing plenty of contributing just by posting, replying to people.
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    Passwordless scp

    You can have same users on both local and remote if you like.. doesn't matter at all. The important part is that the .pub file goes on the servers that you're attempting to log into and the non .pub file stays safely on your local machine.
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    'rm -rf ~0/' ruined my ubuntu because I want to delete a temporary folder named 0 while current folder is my home

    ~0/ doesn't point to the user's home directory. I pasted above a test showing it points to your current working directory (or is just ignored).