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    Problems with Website Started on Friday

    Strange - i'll take a look into it.
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    I started another website :)

    lol yeah I lost interest already :) I have it backed up though so it'd be easy to bring back to life.
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    Are we suffering attempted DDoS attacks.

    Yeah there was at least one main one about an hour ago .. other than that no real big blips.
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    Solved Weird DNS resolution

    Do you have anything in your /etc/hosts file? Could you put something in your /etc/hosts file to cheat it for now? :)
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    Elevate Your Terraform Game: Helpful Tools for Linux Users"

    As a popular infrastructure as code tool, Terraform has revolutionized the way software developers deploy and manage cloud resources. However, Terraform's command-line interface can be overwhelming for new users, and seasoned users may find themselves repeating the same tasks over and over...
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    Solved Hi, I need help with my .zshrc file

    This is true - I scroll back often but also like a semi-clean slate lol :)
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    Solved Hi, I need help with my .zshrc file

    BTW, try ctrl-l instead of typing clear. Quicker and easier :)
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    "Hmm. We’re having trouble finding that site."

    Looks like you just need to set up dns for to point to your local machine. You could add the following to your /etc/hosts file: (replace the ip w/ the correct one) then reload your browser.
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    Chattr and recursive

    Weird - reading online stuff the R is to restore an undeleted marked file, but man chattr does state R is for recursive
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    Chattr and recursive

    How about using find? find /usr/share/icons/breeze/ -exec chattr +i {} \; You could see which files it'd affect by testing with: find /usr/share/icons/breeze/ -exec ls -al {} \; I haven't used chattr enough to know if its recursive works haha :) Edit: jumping down the chattr rabbit hole, it...
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    How can I diagnose reason for intermittent slow website connecting

    Having incorrect dns can cause delays in some applications .. even just opening a terminal. What's currently in your /etc/resolv.conf file? At the very least, it should have a line like this: nameserver Something may not be acting right in whatever ip you have there - replace it...
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    Popular Keyboard Shortcuts for the GNU Bash Shell

    Some of my favorites from the examples above.. ctrl-a to move to the beginning of the line and ctrl-e to get to the end .. along w/ crtl-r to search previous (though i do a lot of grepping history as well).
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    Popular Keyboard Shortcuts for the GNU Bash Shell

    The GNU Bash shell, an acronym for GNU Bourne-Again Shell, is a Unix shell and command-line interpreter used in most Linux distributions and macOS. It has become the de facto standard for shell scripting and is widely used by developers and system administrators. One of my favorite reasons for...
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    What is a good laptop?

    I'd probably look on ebay for a used thinkpad
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    New Linux User Group (LUG) directory!

    Yeah, there's pros/cons no matter how they're listed. That's why we have the ability to search by location.