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    WINE users....successful or otherwise ?

    WINE is very hit or miss. Sometimes it works well with a certain program and then it stops working, whether it's due to the code in WINE or the app changing, like Firefox. I used to run the Windows version flawlessly, now it doesn't. Sometimes the app gets updated and no longer works, other...
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    No Boot Media Detected After Shrinking Home Partition

    In my opinion, it's best to modify the boot record on the Linux drive, leaving the Windows drive as it came with the computer. Then change the boot order to boot the Linux. That way you can always revert back to the original settings and configurations before you loaded Linux.
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    No Boot Media Detected After Shrinking Home Partition

    yes, but you can then go into the Bios and tell it to boot to the Windows drive and that would put it back exactly the way it was before you added the Linux drive. Or if you decided to remove the WIndows drive, it would still boot but choosing Windows would give you a failure. There's a grub...
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    No Boot Media Detected After Shrinking Home Partition

    You can make a modification to the menu to automatically choose Windows if you don't select anything else. It's a lot more convenient than hitting F12 at the right time. But regardless, it's your computer, set it up the way you want it. Try using teh Boot Repair that I linked above on your...
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    No Boot Media Detected After Shrinking Home Partition

    ok, I understand now. So when you would tell it to boot to the Linux hard drive, did it show you the Grub menu? It sounds like what you said, you installed the boot loader on the Linux drive so when you boot up the default drive, which is the Windows drive, it doesn't see the boot loader. I...
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    No Boot Media Detected After Shrinking Home Partition

    ok, so the boot menu (Grub) shows up and you can select Windows and that boots fine. But when you select Linux, that fails to boot?
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    No Boot Media Detected After Shrinking Home Partition

    Does your computer have multiple hard drives? Did you go into the Bios and change which one it should boot to? In your post you said "booting from that hard drive,". This makes me think you did this and the boot info isn't on that hard drive. If you did, change the boot drive in bios back to...
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    custom gnome 3 desktop

    I've never used Gnome as a daily driver for my desktop. I didn't like it when I tried it. And I've always heard it's not the most customizable desktop. So may I suggest trying KDE? It's completely customizable. You can delete the task bar and replace it with others like Cairo (looks like...
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    Internet Radio app Yradio and Dogradio

    Tell us more about these Darry. Why should we listen using these apps instead of Spotify or something else? Why do you like these and why should I install one or more of them?
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    testdisk tool

    Testdisk is not in your repository. Check out for more info on it. You can download it from there.
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    wine duplicates

    look in ~/.local/share/applications/wine/Programs/
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    Arch with Gaming VM Help!

    Windows is Windows regardless of it being installed on a hard drive or installed in a VM. The only difference is how you get there. If you're worried about someone spying on you when you play a game when you reboot to WIndows, they're going to be able to spy on you when you run the Windows VM...
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    Run Local Script On Remote System via SSH

    While I'm sure there's a way to send all the commands to the remote system, I'd say the easiest way to do this is just to copy (FTP) the file to the remote system, then SSH to it and run it there. Is this not an option?
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    Arch with Gaming VM Help!

    FIrst, All Valve games run on Linux as Linux games. They have a Linux version for all of them (i.e. CS:GO). Second, Valve has created a system called Proton that runs many non-Valve games on Linux the way WINE does, but better. Third, I don't believe VMWare has a video driver that can support...
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    Button for Getting New Wallpapers Plugins not Appearing on Configure Desktop on KDE Plasma

    Different distros sometimes remove or move certain items in KDE. Which distro do you use?