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    Best Distro to my laptop

    Hello there! I am new with Linux, and I thought to ask the question: I have Dell Latitude E7440 laptop and i decided to switch from Windows to Linux because Windows is no longer in my laptop an optimal operating system. What kind of distro do you recommend for surfing the web, distance learning...
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    Best linux distro for beginner

    Hello there! I am new to Linux. In school we are using Ubuntu 18.04 and I started to like it. I am a beginner C++ programmer (I know the basics) and I have just started to learn java and some python. So I was wondering which is the best Linux distro for me as a beginner? I have read that Arch or...
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    best linux for programmer

    Hallo there... can you help me, what about distro linux for programmer i'm a very lazy programmer, and i hate about install many application Is there any distro which serve any application for me, please help me.... thank you