1. EraldoKuns

    ECEA/Faceit AC on GNU/Linux

    On the eve of the release of SteamDeck (which uses the Linux kernel as a support of its operating system SteamOS 3.0, which the device runs on), thanks to Valve's efforts, BattlEye announced their anti-cheat will support Proton, and a couple of days ago, Easy Anti-Cheat also made a similar...
  2. L

    SteamCMD Game Server on Synology - Docker?

    Help a NOOB! So I've had my Synology DS918+ for a while now and really like it so far. It runs a custom linux (DSM 6.2) which is both good and bad as it turns out. I need to install a working game server for games like cs:go, minecraft, ark. Problem: There are no ready-to-use server packets...