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    Solved External USB harddrive that used to be bootdrive in other computer, while mounted, files from drive were open by *firefox* for no apparent reason??

    I have an SSD that another laptop was booting from (before the other hardware in that laptop failed) and now I'm using it as an external USB drive (with one of those little SATA enclosure shell adapter things). However, yesterday when I had it mounted, I noticed my firefox bizarrely lagging and...
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    Ubuntu18.04.4 remove lvm devices in /dev/mapper without vg and lv info

    Hello, everybody. the question is that I use zfs to create a block device with lvm2 format by pvcreate,vgcreate and lvcreate command, Unlucky,one day the device information lost beacause the machine suddenly went out. when the machine reboot, the infomation of devices lost with unknown reason...