1. D

    Solved External USB harddrive that used to be bootdrive in other computer, while mounted, files from drive were open by *firefox* for no apparent reason??

    I have an SSD that another laptop was booting from (before the other hardware in that laptop failed) and now I'm using it as an external USB drive (with one of those little SATA enclosure shell adapter things). However, yesterday when I had it mounted, I noticed my firefox bizarrely lagging and...
  2. Stellaris

    Is it possible to recover a failed SSD which is encrypted using Cryptsetup?

    I bought a Thinkpad t450 few months ago and it came with an Intel 256GB SSD. Then I wiped windows and installed Endevour OS on it and encrypted it using Cryptsetup. But I forgot to check hard drive health when I bought the laptop and unfortunately it failed to boot after using a week. My entire...
  3. F3L1X

    Kali persistence encrypted "apt upgrade" crash

    So I'm having issues with Kali 20.1 on a persistent USB. Once several partions have been setup, one partition is encrypted. I boot into the encrypted persistence and run "apt update", no errors. I then run "apt upgrade" or "apt dist-upgrade" and at some point the screen goes blank with...