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    SMART test failures on harddrive

    Hi all, i have probably problem on my system with SMART failures on my harddrive. There is used OS: SLES 11.2 i586. Problem is, that recently there appeared some errors in SMART print of status of my device (smartctl -a /dev/sda) i am attaching. I am interested what mean errors mentioned in...
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    Could I interchange hard drives to swap OS?

    If I were to install Windows 10 on one hard drive and Linux Mint on another, would I be able to change which OS my computer is running on just by swapping the drives? Please be gentle... I'm not too tech saavy.
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    Deepin installation boot up fails -- error: no such partition

    **************************************************************************************** SOLVED: NO IDEA HOW Never mind. After 100 installations and 20h if suddenly works. No idea how.... **************************************************************************************** Hi guys, I...