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    [CLOSED] Problem with ram

    I have a problem, I tried 3 modules separately, two of 4gb and one of 2gb, I put them first in one slot and then in the other and they work perfectly, but when I put 2 at the same time either one of 4gb and the one of 2gb or the two of 4gb the computer does not turn on, the boot passes but when...
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    New SSD and New to Linux!

    Hello all! I literally just started using Linux yesterday to revive an older laptop of mine and I purchased a new Crucial BX500 1TB solid state drive for it to make it run and boot more quickly. I managed to figure out how to format it in NTFS and partition it appropriately. I can NOT, however...
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    I was given the mission to resurrect a notebook from 2007, his hardware has huge 512mb of ram and powerful 60gb of hd that I have no idea of the reading speed, but for sure it must be very high, to try to solve this problem I thought of Linux for being a lighter operating system, I researched...
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    extra battery is recognized but not charged

    Hi community, I have Ubuntu 20.04 running on a Fujitsu lifebook s761 with two batteries. Ubuntu is recognizing both batteries but is just charging the main one. Previously, Windows was running on the laptop and the second battery was working as intended. Do you have any idea why it is not...
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    LVM volume config - Ubuntu Server

    Hi guys, I need help. I have structure (attachment). Ubuntu 18.04 Web application XXX is running on dev/sda5 which is based on volume group srvomega01-vg I added a new disk to the machine in Vmware but I have a problem how to add it to a volume group without any problems. I need more space...