install linux off usb

  1. ilessio

    ASUS Failed install of MINT - Cinn, Edge (but also Ubuntu 22.4-23.101)

    Good morning everyone. I got a new machine that i need to use for my ML worflow and of course it arrived equipped with win11. I did a memetest and hardware test like i do usually on all machine and all seem to be perfect. Hardware: mb Asus ROG MAXIMUS Z790 DARK HERO 192gb ram Intel i9 14k...
  2. A

    Input/output error. hd0 error on linux install

    Hi everyone. I am a new user to Linux but have okay experience with computers and networking basics and such. I am currently trying to install linux on my lenovo thinkpad t480. Ill give a quick breakdown of how my issue has surfaced. I first bought a USB live boot with install and live boot...