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  1. M

    Wireguard VPN between two VPS

    Hello. I have problem - i'm trying setup wg vpn between 2 vps with killswitch and keep ssh working on client vps after wg tunnel up. That what i've tried: wg0.conf on server vps wg0.conf on client vps On client vps before start wg-quick up wg0 i use this iptables rules: After wg-quick...
  2. aleff

    Firewalling with iptables

    Hello everybody I'm new here and i come because i need an help because I'm not sure that i have firewalled correctly my computer. I used this instruction -P INPUT DROP -P FORWARD ACCEPT -P OUTPUT DROP -A INPUT -i wlp59s0 -m state --state ESTABLISHED -j ACCEPT -A OUTPUT -o wlp59s0 -m state...
  3. U

    IPtables rules to NFTables rules

    OS: Debian 11 x86_64 I am looking to convert some of my iptable rules to nftables. I have tried to use iptables-translate, but it is not translating all of my rules. My original iptables script: #!/bin/sh sudo apt install iptables # accept ports 500 and 4500, required for IKEv2 sudo...
  4. hebrerillo

    Access internal docker server from another computer.

    Hello everyone! In a Linux computer, I have a docker that is running an HTTPS server on an internal IP: Let's suppose the Linux computer has a public IP of (running on interface eno1). I want to acceess the HTTPS server from another computer in the same network. To...
  5. J

    Routing all traffic from an external machine to a proxy

    May be there is a duplicated question but it seems no one do this scenario. I have several machines in my network which are not using proxy to outbound. I want to redirect all traffic, using route tables, to an appliance so that appliance ingests that clean traffic and send it to a proxy, or...
  6. F

    IPTABLES - Expert Advice Required

    Hi all, I have been battling trying to get something working for a while now. I'm close to just giving up as I just can't seem to make it work exactly how I want. I am trying to set up iptables on an Ubuntu Server 20.04 LTS to accept traffic from the LAN and route through a VPN tunnel that is...
  7. H

    Router Netgear R7800, openfortivpn & iptables, how do i share VPN connection on my LAN

    Hello. I hope here i can find some pointers or a solution. From home i have to connect to work via VPN, i have Fortinet VPN. In present time i connect from my laptop , win 10 with Forticlient. From the router i can connect to my VPN at work , and connect to my server on telnet, but how can i...
  8. J

    [Solved] use iptables with IP in IP Tunnel

    Hi guys, I've got another issue. I made a test IP in IP tunnel like in this article https://sites.google.com/site/mrxpalmeiras/linux/create-ipip-tunnel-between-networks Then on machine A: iptables -t nat -A PREROUTING -d -p tcp -m tcp --dport 80 -j DNAT --to-destination...
  9. J

    [SOLVED] iptables load balancer

    Hello guys, Nice to join this forum. I'm not new to Linux but I didn't do anything complicated with iptables and/or routing until now. What I want to accomplish is to use one server as a load balancer and forward packets to a "real server" without changing the source IP so the real server will...
  10. E


    Hello - I have an asterisk server that is running fine behind iptables. Call flow is fine inbound and outbound, however, when I setup a call forward I get no audio either direction. The asterisk log does show the call forward. When I temporarily disable iptables the audio works. When I...
  11. G

    IP Masquerading and network cards

    Hi. I am a second year information systems student. I got an exercise from my university but i am struggling to understand how to complete it, and with covid and not having in person teaching (and tutors and lecturers who dont respond) its taking its toll. I will attach the question as an image...
  12. O


    Hi, i use a linux ubuntu like a gateway/firewall with iptables with 3 eth, in one (Lan eth) i configure a eth for working with a subnetting and adding two ip on the eth: and In a linux host i can navigate, in some host i configure one segment of subnetting and in...
  13. B

    IPTABLES. Strange behaviour with Input Drop and duplicated "sources"

    Hi everyone I'm testing iptables on Debian. My idea completely close system incoming connections and step by step go opening selectively to certain IPs and ports. To start, I deny every incoming with: iptables --policy INPUT DROP Then, I add specific rules so as a particular IP can access...
  14. S

    Is there some alternatives like ndpi-netfilter?

    I know the ndpi-netfilter can block traffic by coordinate with iptables ,but I want some alternatives that provide a uniform interface to add my own application protocol like a application feature library and they don't need to make a specific *.c file to realize adding purpose. So do you know...
  15. A

    Testing the knowledge on iptables and firewalld

    I want to test my knowledge on iptables and firewalld. Prompt online tests.
  16. A

    Iptables and Ipset blacklist, blocking email and webmail access

    Hi all, I have one web server (Linux Ubuntu, Apache, MySql, Plesk), with some sites, and after two invasions, and hundred of invasion attempts, I'm trying to get more ensurance, with iptables and ipset blacklist, following one tutorial that I found in the web. Occour that, after to apply the...
  17. P

    Number of http connections client vs server, how to count?

    Hello, i can use tools like https://tools.pingdom.com , http://gtmetrix.com , Firefox/CHrome developer console to count number of HTTP port 80/443 requests, BUT i want to ask if this match/is same with number of network connections that the web server accepts using netfilter/iptables (firewall...