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    Need an Operating Systems course instructor

    I hope it's OK to post this request on My university is looking for someone to teach an Operating Systems course starting mid-January 2024. Here's the brief description: Drew University is seeking Adjunct Instructors in the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science to teach the...
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    Want to work for AMD? Linux Kernel Developer Openings - Remote or Relocation available.

    Hi Everyone, AMD has several Linux Kernel Developer openings I wanted to share: Linux Kernel - Networking I/O Lead - (open to REMOTE for this role and relocation) - Job Description HERE System Software Design Engineer Linux Security, Cloud & Virtualization - (open to REMOTE for this role and...
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    Linux Administrator Opportunity at the University of Florida

    Hi there :) I am sure this isn't the typical post in the Linux community forum and IT professionals are constantly bombarded with job opportunities. But I had to give it a try! Please let me know if these types of posts are not appropriate (even for the off topic page). The Univeristy of...