kali 2023

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    KGet failed to open in kali linux

    hello, I have a problem, when I'm opening kget in kali Xfce 4.18, It's not working. how to fix it ?
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    goes into grub when i make persistence drive bigger

    so for some reason when i use a live boot usb and i dont make a persistence drive kali and parrot boot normally but i cant install them but when i make the persistence drive it boots into the grub terminal thing im using the newest of both kali and parrot idk what the problem is any way to fix...
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    kali boots into grub

    hello, new user here! i am trying to live boot kali linux onto my computer, but am greeted with the boot screen for grub. when i enter "boot" as a command, it tells me i am missing kernel and i am unable to boot into kali. if it helps i am using the "live boot" option for a 256gb sandisk...