1. A

    missing libraries

    hi, ive had a problem where when i try to download something it doesnt work, i am missing libraries this is what i see: i have had alot of problems related to this, this image is where i tried to update java for minecraft.
  2. M

    hide old libraries from linux system without root access

    I have access to an old cluster for computations. The Operating system of the cluster is very old and outdated. Some of my codes need new libraries like glibc-2.14 or higher to run. I found "junest" that allows us to easily have new libraries on our local account. But the problem is that the...
  3. SBlackLinux

    LPIC-1 Exercise Question on Libraries

    Hi all. New to the forum and a bit of a newbie, but trying to learn. I have searched for an answer but haven't found one, so hoping someone can assist. The Dynamic Libraries chapter in Tuxcademy's LPIC-1 manual has the following exercise: "Find a statically-linked executable on your system."...