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    New SSD and New to Linux!

    Hello all! I literally just started using Linux yesterday to revive an older laptop of mine and I purchased a new Crucial BX500 1TB solid state drive for it to make it run and boot more quickly. I managed to figure out how to format it in NTFS and partition it appropriately. I can NOT, however...
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    Dual Boot of Windows and Linux Mint - no Windows Boot.

    So i am having a issue with Dual Boot, i have installed windows and Linux Mint, but in grub after reseting my pc i can't see Windows to boot, even that it is still installed on my disk.
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    Hello everyone, I am thinking of installing linux on my computer. Do you think my computer is suitable for this? Windows 7 nihai 64 bit SP 1 Intel core i3-2328M CPU @ 2.20GHz, 4,0GB RAM, Intel HD Graphics 3000
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    Detect network hardware problem while duelboot.

    I got a step while Dual Boot parrot. That is, "detect network hardware". It's showing "No ethernet card was detected." Then gives me list of driver name . But there was no driver that match to my ethernet card. There is a another option that is "No ethernet card". If I select this and...