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  1. W

    Linux Mint Cinnamon Beginner

    Hello all! I am very excited today because I have just installed Linux Mint Cinnamon on an Asus C423N Chromebook. I have completely erased chromeos and it automatically boots to Linux Mint. Everything works. Sound works, keyboard works, everything is perfect. Even got bluetooth to connect to my...
  2. Z

    New to Linux

    Hello. I have never tried to use Linux before. But I thought I’d try it on an old laptop I have. I have looked and can not find how to download and which version I would need. I am hoping for some help. Here is some information about the laptop Dell Latitude 2129 Windows 10 Pro Intel(R)...
  3. Silverhammered

    Formatting an adopted HDD and installing linux for hobby pc. HELP

    2.1 ghz cpu, 4gb RAM, 320gb HDD Hi, everyone! I'm completely new to linux, just to get that out of the way, and I have some concerns before I proceed. I'm a beginner when it comes to pc's in general; meaning i know what I can and can't do with my hardware restrictions, and am comfortable with...
  4. G

    New install Kali linux, screen is completely messed up and crazy. I have tried mint and same results

    Hi Folks, I've used linux distros for years, but ran into a new problem. I currently have been attempting to install linux on an older machine, e-machine T3418, AMD Sempron 3400+, NVidia GE Force 6100 GPU, 160gb hd, 512 MB DDR Ram. I have it hooked up to a large "tv" through a serial port. Ok...