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  1. Catalin

    Nvidia - Bumblebee - Optimus - Prime - Envycontrol

    Hello again Linux community! <3 :D I have successfully installed MX Linux Xfce edition on my family's laptop. (this time Debian Stable as Manjaro was not a good option) Since it's being used in a very conservative fashion, only for e-mail, office, web browsing and occasionally some Youtube...
  2. J

    Custom resolution from xrandr shows as active, but it's not.

    Hello, I'm on Lubuntu 20.04, but also tried it on Manjaro Xfce and it didn't work. Basically I created a custom modeline based on a settings I used in Windows CRU program, but even though it shows as active, it's not working. Not only I can see the lower refresh rate, but also this thing...
  3. G

    Help Me Choose a Distro

    Linux drives me a little nuts because Linux is just a hodgepodge and I'm indecisive. Trying to find the best distro for me and a certain laptop. I've usually used KDE with arch based distros (manjaro, chakra, etc). But I can't do KDE. The amount of customization you have to do is insane and...