1. B

    SUDO command keeps asking me for password and I´m typing the correct password

    I´m using Linux for Windows (enable the feauter) Linux susbsytem for Windows. So far so god, but then I´m trying execute sudo-apt-get update I enter the password that I use for login with myAccount to my windows pc. But linux promt keep telling med that´s the wrong password for myAccount...
  2. T

    Is it possible to change the password for a specific user?

    With the common method (Typing E after restart, changing the linux line etc...) I can only change the password for the root user. I need to change it for another user.
  3. K

    Combining user & password data from 3 browsers -possible?

    I've spent over 10 hours trying to get this to work and have had to come here to try to find answers. Sorry for the lang post, but I'm at my wit's end! I have been having a terrible time with my system going corrupt every 2-4 months. It was rock solid for 4+ years then it just started...
  4. atanere

    Favorite Password Manager

    You can't have too much security these days. After years of using a little notebook to record much-too-simple passwords, I realized the time had finally come to choose a password manager. But there are many to choose from, even in the Linux world, and we all have different needs. For me, I did...