1. A

    Solved Guidance to buy new (refurbished) Dell Laptop

    Hi Everyone, Currently running a MacAir (13) 2015 with Linux Mint for my daily computer. Love LINUX also have a Desktop that works amazing that I built for the wife. My current laptop however, is starting to freeze up when opening multiple windows and the back lit keyboard a lo of the keys are...
  2. tinfoil-hat

    Solved Business Laptop focused at very long Batteryruntime

    Hi there, I am a big fan of the Thinkpad X220 / Thinkpad X230. Their i5 is enough computing power for me. But with the years, I am thinking of getting another Laptop. They should have the following Specs: Batterylife (most important) Can be used or refurbished some 6th-8th gen Intel Core i5 or...