1. DrugZ

    CS1.6 & Half Life1 [ Linux RePack ]

    CS1.6 & Half Life1 - two legends that are made on the same engine and have similar mechanics (considering that cs is a mod to hl). I've also added graphical changes and tweaked the configuration a bit. I immediately put both Half life and Counter Strike into one repack, the folders were combined...
  2. DrugZ

    GZDoom [ Linux RePack ]

    GZDoom ( Doom ) - This is a port of the original Doom series with improved graphics and engine features. I have collected for you a repack from GZDoom and several mods including Brutal Doom and Project Brutality, as well as graphic mods. How to launch the game and start playing: Attention! If...
  3. DrugZ

    Quake 3 [ Linux RePack ]

    Quake III Arena ( Linux ) - the legendary shooter released in 1999. I made a repack where the basis was the CPMA platform for Linux and added some mods to improve the graphics, also corrected the configuration. Some bugs with the compatibility of mods and multiplayer have also been fixed. How to...