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    Needing to add third party repositories - looking for suggestions on the safest way to do so (Debian 12).

    Just reinstalled Debian 12 (Bookworm) to clean up issues with my repos directory causing issues with updates. While I think I now have my /etc/apt/sources.list file correctly configured, I need to install Powershell, Terraform, and Visual Studio Code (this one is to work on Python 3 projects)...
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    How to add and other mirrors in centOS 8? I am new to centOS. I want to add these two repositories so that whenver I use yum install I get the latest packages from them. For example I want to install clang...
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    Linux repository issues

    My task is to retrieve package - bluez - from a repository supporting ARM architecture. Unless it is important to understand this post , I would prefer, for time being, NOT to delve on WHY I am doing this. I would like to ask this forum to help me on specific questions first. I have found...